About Alpha Vista

Alpha Vista is a start-up asset management business based in Australia and the United States that is commercialising a well tested big-data, artificial intelligence (“AI”) market analytics technology platform that has been under development for the past 8 years.

Currently based in Sydney, Alpha Vista has a well-researched solution for mitigating the impact of tail risk events and as a result is able to minimise the negative impact of sequencing risks on portfolios by generating consistent and smoother portfolio returns.

The quantitative analytics technologies are utilised by our AI engine to track a wide range of variables on all major securities across all major markets as well as a deep pool of non-market data. This information can be interrogated and interpreted by the AI in real-time, to identify risks developing at an individual security, portfolio, industry and market level simultaneously.

By harnessing the AI capability of our platform we have a highly scalable technology that can:

  • Analyse non-linear big-data and fast-data sets;
  • Capture volatility for timely risk management and alpha generation;
  • Carry out real-time market psychology analysis taking into account the impact of both human trading behaviours and machine trading activity;
  • Offer real-time risk management insights without changing the shape of non-linear data sets and the convexity of the volatility structure; and
  • Map the self-similar iterative behaviour of the markets over time